Asada – Steak

Pollo – Chicken

Chorizo – Pork Sausage

Al Pastor – Marinated Pork
(Contains Onion & Pineapple)


Beef Birria – Premium

Breaded Shrimp  – Premium

Vegan Adobo – Impossible

Vegan Chorizo – Morningstar


Our tacos are tortillas filled with meat of your choice and served a la carte. You have many options to choose from like corn or flour shell, or maybe you prefer the American Taco that comes with a fried corn shell. You have meat options, vegan options, premium options like our birria and breaded shrimp, one thing is certain you can never go wrong with a taco.


Our quesadilla are tortillas filled with meat and melted cheese, just like our tacos there are many options that come with our quesadillas like vegan cheese with vegan meat or a quesadilla with our premium meats as well like our popular birria quesadilla that comes with a side of our delicious birria broth.


Our Burritos come in a 12’ flour tortilla filled with cheese, meat and salsa and the rest of the toppings are what makes choosing between our burritos so hard. We have the Cali burrito that comes with fries and guac or our Loaded burrito that has rice, beans and guac.


Our Bowls come with a bed of rice, beans, cheese and your choice of meat. The rest of the toppings are what makes picking between our two bowls a difficult choice, but rest assured they both come with a bag of chips on the side for dipping into your bowl.


Our Birria is marinated beef slowly cooked to perfect tasty tenderness. You can get it in our very popular Birria Ramen, or upgrade your favorite dish in our menu to this tasty option. You can never go wrong with our Birria tacos or quesadillas.


Our Nachos come with a bed of daily fried delicious chips, meat of your choice and creamy melted nacho cheese on top and we cant forget about the pico de gallo on top. Nacho cheese will come on the side for to-go orders.


Our Fries come with a bed of daily cut and fried potatoes, mozzarella shredded cheese and the meat of your choice. Our Aztec Fries come with a delicious meat combination that cannot be changed topped off by our homemade chipotle sour cream and salsa. Loaded fries will contain pico de gallo and sour cream on top.


Our Botana comes with a bed of daily fried delicious chips, beans, mozzarella shredded cheese, grilled onion & green pepper and the meat of your choice. To finish it off some delicious guacamole and pico de gallo.


Our Torta comes in a French bread filled with beans, melted cheese, onion, cilantro and the meat of your choice. We can just say it’s a taco in a bun.


Our Gringa is two 12” flour tortillas sandwiched together filled with melted cheese and meat of your choice. You get guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream and salsa on the side, make sure you order an extra stomach to finish this monster quesadilla.


We have many appetizers that range from chips and guac to chips and chunky salsa to chips and nacho cheese, just ask to see which is your favorite. Don’t forget to ask about our sides like our delicious rice and beans.


Two 10” churros per order fried as it is ordered, rolled in a perfect cinnamon/sugar blend and served with a side of Nutella.

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